About Alejandra Whittier

“A contemporary fusion of nature and industrial elements has taken me into a journey of designing and visualizing exclusive pieces that balance shape, color, texture and energy into wearable jewelry”.   



I am a self-taught Jewelry Designer. I’m in motion constantly with my designs, I evolve every year with new concepts and as I learn new techniques, my designs change and adapt.  I know I have so much to learn and explore, and I’m always amazed of all is out there that great jewelers have leave us as legacies, I am sure I won’t be able to take all in as I develop my passion in jewelry making trough the years, and I sure hope to became someday someone else’s inspiration.  You’ll see that I use natural stones, and some not so natural ones too!, but what I see on each one, is that they are special, they have that little sparkle that allow me to work with them and make them spectacular for you to wear.  I do also work with special stones that my customers bring, and specially I love to transform those ones that have a history behind.





Wear my jewelry proudly, it will show on how you walk, and how you talk and interact with someone else.  I want you to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing and that it will make you stand taller than you are. That will make me proud and I will be so honored to call you my customer. And, don’t be shy, come and let me know if something is not right, also, get me out of my comfort zone and challenge me. That’s what makes me grow and feel alive.

Do I just sound like a bunch of incoherent ideas?, well, I guess that’s my artist mind speaking, anyway, I hope to see you more often around here,

Alejandra Garcia Whittier